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Study programme coordinator

The study programme coordinator has the daily responsibility for the quality and the quality practices of their respective study programmes.


As regards quality work, the study programme coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Usually twice per semester, convene and chair the Study Programme Committee. See also year plan for study programme committees. The study programme coordinator is also responsible for taking minutes of the meetings. Approved minutes must be distributed in the prescribed manner and attached to the study programme coordinator’s report.
  • Ensure that the evaluations of the study programme are appropriate and conducted in accordance with the dean's approval. The study programme coordinator proposes evaluation procedures and routines to the dean, based on discussion in the Study Programme Committee.
  • Responsible for ensuring election of class representative students. This task may be delegated to the course coordinator/study programme coordinators /teachers who ensure that representatives and deputies are elected at all levels of the programme. Election of class representative students must be held within two weeks of the start of the semester.
  • Responsible for implementing improvement measures during the year and improvement measures decided by the faculty.
  • Responsible for facilitating and initiating further development of study programmes. Taking initiative to/facilitating discussion surrounding new studies or the revising of existing studies.
  • Once a year, complete the study programme coordinator’s quality report. Each study programme coordinator will also have a complete description of his/her role, which also details other functions of the role.

 Each study programme coordinator will have a complete work description detailing the remaining duties of the role.