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Study Programme Committee

Each study programme must have a Study Programme Committee.

The committee is an advisory body for the study programme coordinator, and  the driving force for further development of education quality. The committee is led by the head of the study programme, and meets regularly twice a semester. Members of the committee are:

In special cases, the committee’s composition may be adapted to the specificity of the study programme, and approved by the dean. In small and short-term study programmes, the objectives may be achieved through a simpler organisation. The key objective is that the student’s voice is heard and taken seriously in a structured and open system.

The Study Programme Committee deals with the following matters:

  • Schedule and follow-up of student evaluations on the study programme and the courses.
  • Follow-up of major key evaluations at programme level.
  • Revision of course descriptions and the curriculum
  • Social environment and social measures in the programme
  • Study programme coordinator's annual quality report to faculty management
  • Other issues that students and/or others consider important in the work with quality of the study programme.

Minutes of the meetings are approved by the present members, both student representatives and employees. The minutes are sent by email to, and will be made available in file archive of the faculty's Canvas room.

The content of the meetings will depend on the time of year:

  • First meeting in the autumn: Review of last year's evaluation summaries. Scheduling and follow-up of course evaluations and scheduling of committee meetings for the year.
  • Meeting in November/December: Review of the Study-start survey and study programme coordinator’s report.
  • Meeting in early February: Review of the national evaluation “Studiebarometeret”
  • Meeting late spring semester: Revision of course descriptions and curriculum, follow-up of the study programme coordinators's report, key figures.