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Quality work in research education (PhD)

The PhD programmes at INN University ensure and develop the quality of studies according to the institutional quality system and follow the same annual cycle.

As in study programmes at BA and MA levels, this takes place through course evaluations, annual quality reports from the PhD programmes, as well as assessments and development measures at the study programme, faculty and institutional levels.

The study programmes

Each PhD programme is regarded as a corresponding study programme to ordinary study programmes.

Each programme is led by a head of programme.

Each programme has a PhD committee that operates similarly to a study programme committee in ordinary study programmes, when addressing study quality issues. Course coordinators are summoned as necessary, when such composition corresponds to that of study programme committees.

Evaluation and feedback

Since PhD studies extend over several years, and the students follow individual study plans, some additional elements have been developed for quality assurance and development of the PhD programmes. The following additional evaluation schemes are specific to PhD study programmes:

Student participation

Each PhD programme has two elected representatives (ordinary + substitute) representing the entire PhD candidate group. The representatives are normally chosen for one year at a time. The representative is a member of the PhD committee.


The head of the PhD programme writes and submits the annual report corresponding to the head of study programme's report. The report is processed by the PhD committee and is then delivered to INN University's R&D committee and to the dean of the faculty.

Development of the study portfolio 

Development or termination of a PhD programme are major processes that are discussed over a long time in the institution, faculties and R&D committee. The programmes are accredited by NOKUT. Guidelines for PhD courses are formulated by the Education Committee.