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Handeling quality documents in Canvas

We use Canvas as support for the quality practices in the study programmes.

Documents and other content created in the study programme’s quality practices must be stored and made available in Canvas and arranged as follows:

For each course

The last module of each course room in Canvas must be entitled “Course Evaluation - Quality System”.
The module should be dedicated to the following content:

  • Information about course evaluations
    Text describing how and when the course evaluation is conducted and, where relevant, summarised.
  • The actual course evaluation, if carried out in Canvas (in the form of a survey, discussion, etc.)
    Templates and examples of Canvas-based evaluations can be retrieved from Commons.
  • Summary of course evaluation, if this is provided in writing. An informal document that is designed by the Course Supervisor or students as decided.
  • The course coordinator’s report after completion of the course. Can be created according to the suggested template.

Documents in the course rooms are not considered archival, but can be found in Canvas for as long as needed, even after completion of the course.

A completed Canvas module for this purpose can be retrieved from Canvas Commons.

For each study programme

In the faculty's Canvas room, there is a file archive for the documents belonging above the course level.

  • The study programme coordinator’s report, which is designed according to a fixed template.
  • Minutes from Study Programme Committee meetings, which are also completed according to a fixed template.

All documents are sent by email to, and will be made available in the archive of the faculty's Canvas room.

These documents are considered archival and are transferred to P360 following a specific procedure.