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Course Evaluation

Course evaluations may be conducted in different ways.

Normally, an evaluation will be conducted on all courses. The Study Programme Committee will decide on the form the evaluation will take for the year in its first meeting in the autumn. The previous year's evaluations, and improvement measures implemented to improve the study programme will be presented at the meeting. On this basis, the committee decides how the evaluation will be conducted in the current academic year. The course coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the evaluation is carried out.

There are a collection of suggestions for different ways to conduct course evaluations. The number of credits, duration, teaching methods, etc. of the course will determine whether it is appropriate to carry out a mid-term evaluation and/or final evaluation, and in what form.

The quality system is arranged such that education quality is split into eight areas. We try to adhere to this structure as far as possible in surveys, analyses, summaries, planning, etc. Insofar as it is deemed appropriate, this structure should also be used as the basis for the course evaluation, both in terms of what to investigate and how to follow up. Therefore, this also sets the tone for suggestions in terms of evaluations and suggestions for summing up below. It is then up to each study programme to try as far as possible to adhere to this structure.

A summary of each course evaluation must be made available to the students in the course’s Canvas room.