Study permit renewal

Non-EU/EEA students who have applied for a residence (study) permit, and plan to continue/prolong their studies in Norway, have to apply for a study permit renewal. A granted study permit lasts for 1 year.

Conditions for renewal

One can only apply for a renewal if they:

  • Are prolonging their exchange. 
  • Are continuing their full-degree.
  • Have a delay in their full-degree studies.
    • Before applying for renewal of the study permit, one must apply and be granted an extension of admission at INN University. For more information, please contact the Student Advisor for one's programme.
  • Have admission to a new full-degree programme of higher-level/exchange programme at INN University/other institutions in Norway. 


How to apply

  1. Apply for renewal in the UDI's Application Portal, and book an appointment with the police station.
  2. Visit the police with the necessary documents no later than one month before the existing permit expires. 

The non-refundable renewal fee is NOK 4900 (2020/2021). Processing of the renewal takes approximately 3 months.

Complete the application for renewal minimum of 3 months before the end of the study permit. There are restrictions and consequences if one does not apply at least one month before the residence permit expires, or if one applies after it has expired.

Necessary documents:
  • Exchange students - The International Office will provide a confirmation of prolonged exchange.
  • Full-degree students - The Student Adviser/International Office will provide documentation of one's study progress.
  • If one is admitted to a new programme at a higher level at INN University/other institution in Norway, the Admission Letter for the new programme/exchange, and a confirmation of completed programme/exchange (such as a Transcript/Confirmation of completed exchange) is needed.