Student services and campus facilities

SINN - the student welfare organisation

SINN is responsible for the student welfare in the Inland region and also runs the student residences in the region. On Lillehammer campus, SINN also runs the student cafeteria, the coffee-bar, 'Studenten', the on campus book store and the kindergarten service for students with children. Another important offer includes the on campus health services:

Student chaplain (SINN)

SINN also has the services of a student chaplain, Anne Anker Bolstad. If you need someone to talk to, or if there is something troubling you, than get in touch. The Student chaplain offers counseling and other services to students. You are welcome regardless your religious beliefs. Student chaplain is bound to secrecy, and no record will be kept. The appointments are free of charge.

The Student chaplain office can be found in the building 'Internatet' and is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You can also schedule an appointment via telephone (+47) 915 11 244 or send an email to   

Student information centre

The student information centre (Norwegian - Studenttorget) can be found in the heart of the school, near the main entrance and the library. The student information centre has a front information desk. The information centre includes student advisers, top athlete advising, the admission office, the exam office and the international office.


Campus Lillehammer has a modern and well equipped library located on level 3, with up-to-date literature and an extensive movie collection. As The Norwegian Film School is part of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, the latest titles are always present in the library. Your Student ID card allows you to borrow books, movies and other study materials. The library also has a number of reading and study rooms. Students can enter the Library outside of its opening hours by using their Student ID card and the 4-digit code. 


Campus Lillehammer offers on-campus gym for all students for a fee of approximately 300 NOK per semester. Access to the gym is also possible outside of the university's working hours. For more information, please contact the International Office.


All students studying at INN University have access to printers/scanners located in several places at the University's premises.


All buildings on campus are covered by wireless internet (Eduroam). Students can log in to the wireless internet using their student number (student and password. Students who have eduroam at their home institution can also log in with their username and password from their home institution. All student accommodation is also covered with WIFI by eduroam. New students will be able to activate their account, and log onto Eduroam after ther Orientation Day.