During arrival

Is the pick-up service offered at the Airport/in Oslo?

  • No. Students has to travel to Lillehammer. Recommended transportation from the airport is by train (VY).


At what time should I arrive in Lillehammer?

  • It does not matter what time you arrive. A Buddy will pick you up when you arrive. It is recommended to arrive prior to the Orientation Day to settle in. Arrival on a Sunday is not recommended, as the stores are closed. 


When will my buddy contact me?

  • The Buddies are assigned according to the information given in the Arrival Form. Students will be contacted after the deadline for submitting the Arrival Form. International Office will give information when the Buddies start contacting students.


Where can I get my dorm key?

  • Your buddy will bring the key upon pick-up. Remember to submit the Arrival Form within deadline. Students whom do not submit their arrival form, will not be picked up, and must come to the International Office to pick up their housing key themselves (if students rent through SINN). The International Office is open 08:00-15:00 on Monday to Friday. 



How can I find the bus schedules?

  • By downloading the app "Entur", students can check the bus schedules in Lillehammer.


How do I get from my dorm/Lillehammer city to the University?

  • By bus. Bus nr. B1, B2 and B4 goes directly to the University campus from the city centre. From the student dorms, check the app for the most convenient bus. 


Should I buy a bus card?

  • It is recommended to buy a bus card (50 NOK), and refill it every 30-days. A 30-day pass with the bus costs approximately 350 NOK. With the bus card, one can travel as much as one would like to with the city busses (B1-B8) within 30-days. The Buddy will assist their students upon arrival with purchasing a bus card. 


On-campus housing

How do I connect to the WiFi in the dorm?

  • The main WiFi at the dorms is the SINN student WiFi. To read how to connect to the SINN student WiFi, please click  here.


How can I pay my rent? 

  • Rent can be paid online before arrival, or by card at the SINN Office after arrival (VISA/MASTERCARD/MAESTRO/AMERICAN EXPRESS). SINN does not accept cash.


Can I pay all of my rent at once?

  • Yes, it is possible. Please contact the SINN Office.