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Visa and residence permit

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A visa/residence permit is often required upon entering specific countries. What is required depends on your passport (nationality) and country of destination.

All visa applications require specific documents. The documents needed and the application costs will vary from type of visa/residence permit and the country you are applying to. All applications require a copy of the Admission Letter from the institution abroad. You cannot apply without this document. In addition to several other documents, your passport must have a validity of more than six months after you return date to Norway. 

If you are an EU/EEA-citizen and travel to another EU/EEA country, you can apply for a residence permit after you have arrived in the host country. 

If you are unsure about the application procedure for a visa/residence permit, contact the relevant Embassy/Consulate or view their web page at an early stage, to confirm which documents are required for your application.

The International Office at your campus can assist you in finding the contact information, but it is your responsibility to apply for the visa/residence permit.