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Financial support

Outgoing exchange students sitting on a bench watching the sunset behind a castle in Germany

Full degree students going to one of our Erasmus+ partners on exchange can get additional financial support on top of their main scholarship.

Your main scholarship

If you are supported by a private/public/governmental or other types of scholarship from your home country/other countries, check if it accommodates exchange possibilities during your degree at INN University. It is your responsibility to request this information from the relevant sources.


What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of 14.7 billion EUR will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.

Where to go on an exchange

Erasmus+ offers scholarships to students who wish to study or do a traineeship in the EU (incl. Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey) as a part of their education. As an Erasmus student, you can study at one of INN University’s 50 Erasmus partner institutions without being charged any tuition fee.

The scholarships are granted for a period of 3-12 months for studies, and 2-12 months for traineeships.


Traineeships for recent graduates

INN University offers Erasmus+ scholarship for students who wish to complete a  traineeship (internship) at a workplace in an EU country after graduation. This is a unique opportunity to gain (international) work experience. Be aware that if you have used 12 months of possible Erasmus+ support for exchange during the degree, you are not eligible to apply for support during a traineeship after graduation. 


The Erasmus+ grant is not provided to free-movers

The Erasmus+ scholarship for study-related exchanges is awarded to students going to one of our Erasmus+ partner institutions. If you wish to travel to other European institutions where a partner agreement does not exist between the institution and INN University (free-movers), you will not receive the scholarship.

Scholarship rates (2020/2021)

For study-related exchange, an amount of 410-460 EUR is awarded per month (additional 200 EUR per month for traineeship). The rates depend on the country of destination. The Erasmus+ scholarship comes on top of financial support from the main scholarship.


Students with disabilities

All students (and employees) with disabilities (such as physical, mental, mental health, or health-related disabilities) can apply for an additional Erasmus+ grant of 200 EURO per month. This grant will be provided in addition to the main grant.

Benefits of being an Erasmus+ student

  • You can combine your education with a stay abroad.
  • The courses will be pre-approved as a part of your degree at INN University, so you will not need to prolong your studies.
  • You avoid time-consuming and the costly application process for institutions abroad, such as no tuition fee. The host institution often offers courses in different languages and a welcoming programme for exchange students. You will also receive assistance with finding housing.
  • You will have the same rights as the host country’s students.
  • You will receive an Erasmus+ scholarship in addition to your main financial scholarship from abroad for studying in Norway.
  • The Erasmus+ programme is well known in all European countries, and many special schemes have been established for students.

Requirements and rules

  • You need to be enrolled as a full-degree student at INN University. To keep your student status, you need to pay the semester fee at INN University while you are abroad.
  • Erasmus can be used in all disciplines, provided that your full-degree offers exchange possibilities, and that exchange agreements exist for your discipline.
  • You must have completed exam(s) corresponding to one year of study (60 ECTS) before departure.
  • INN University provides final approval for your exchange.
    • INN University must approve course changes.
    • Upon completion of non-approved courses, there are no guarantees that they can be included in your study plan.
  • You need to complete a short online language test before your exchange. The test is free of charge.
  • The exchange must last from 2 months (traineeship) / 3 months (study) to a maximum of 12 months. 
  • You are entitled to a Transcript of Records or other documentation from the institution of destination (study-related exchange).
  • You need to complete a small Erasmus+ report after completed exchange. 


Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' most important program in the area of lifelong learning. More than 10.000 people in the Nordic and Baltic region benefit from it every year. Nordplus offers scholarships to students who wish to study at a partner institution or do an internship in a partner country. This is meant as additional financial support, on top of the student`s main scholarship.

To be eligible for support, your study program must be included in one of the Nordplus networks. The rates vary in relation to each programme. For more information, please contact the International Coordinator at your faculty

Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

As a general rule, The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (a government agency allocating loans and grants to Norwegian students), do not offer loans and grants to international students going on exchange. International students may, however, in some cases, qualify for this. More information on  Lånekassens web page.