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Female INN University students on exchange in Canada, hiking in the mountains during fall


There is a lot to remember before, during and after exchange. Go through the list to check that you have it under control. Be aware that information specific for your degree will be provided by to the International Office/Study counsellor.

Before departure:

Declaration of Personal Information

All students travelling on exchange must complete the online Declaration of Personal Information form before departure.

If there are changes to the form during the exchange, the student is obliged to inform his/her International Coordinator at INN University.


Check if your scholarship accommodates exchange possibilities during your degree at INN University. 



If you choose to go on exchange to one of our Erasmus+ partners, you are eligible to receive an additional scholarship. For study-related exchange, an amount of 410-460 EUR is awarded per month (additional 200 EUR per month for traineeship). The scholarship is not provided to students going to European institutions where a partner agreement does not exist between the institution and INN University.



Nordplus offers scholarships to students who wish to study at a partner institution or do an internship in a partner country. This is meant as additional financial support, on top of the student`s main scholarship. To be eligible for support, your study program must be included in one of the Nordplus networks. The rates vary in relation to each programme. 



INN University recommends all students going abroad to apply for insurances which may cover expenses due to COVID-19.

Health insurance

All students travelling abroad must have health insurance. Make sure to check what your health insurance do and do not cover. All students are obliged to submit the Declaration of Personal Information before departing from Norway, which provides information on insurance during the exchange.

Many INN University students choose the ANSA Student Insurance (web page in Norwegian) when going on exchange. The insurance includes contents insurance in the country of study, health insurance, and 60-days of travel insurance outside the country of study at a student-friendly price.

European Health Insurance Card

This (free) card provides you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during your exchange in any of the 27 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The access will be provided under the same conditions and costs as people insured in the country.

Be aware of  the limitations with the card; especially that it is not an alternative to travel insurance, and that it does not guarantee free services. 

Travel insurance (heavily recommended)

All students should have additional insurance - both health and travel insurance - during their exchange. INN University does not offer insurances.  

Order tickets

Book tickets well in advance of departure. Return tickets are often cheaper than two single tickets (applies to most airlines). If you are unsure of the return date, many airlines have the option for customers to change the departure date later (for payment). If necessary, contact a travel agency.

If you have to change flights during the journey, the return ticket can often be postponed free of charge. However, it depends on the number of available seats. In some cases, you can include stops at other destination(s) during your journey. Check whether this option is possible or not with the airline company. If this option is possible, many companies require an additional fee.


Make sure to check the validity of your passport. The passport must be valid for the entire exchange period, as well as up to 3-6 months after returning to Norway (depending on the country of destination). If your passport expires before, make sure to renew it as soon as possible.

NB: Getting a new passport can take several weeks (or longer).

Semester fee at INN University

Students, who travel on exchange as a part of their degree at INN University, are obliged to pay the semester fee at INN University to retain their student status.


Some destinations require students to take vaccines before arrival. This applies especially for students within the field of Health and Education, going on an internship abroad.

Contact the Vaccination Office in your Municipality to request information on necessary vaccines. Be aware that some vaccines must be taken several times before your departure, and they are not free of charge.

Visa & residence permit

Check if the country you are travelling to requires a visa/residence permit, based on your nationality. Many countries outside Europe require that incoming students have visas.

If you have an EU/EEA-citizenship and travel to another EU/EEA country, you can wait to apply for a residence permit until you arrive in the host country. For more information, see our website on visa & residence permits.

During the exchange:

Course changes

If you need to change courses during your exchange, make sure to notify your International Coordinator at INN University. If you do not notify us, we cannot guarantee that the credits will be included in your degree after completion of the exchange.


Emergencies / support and help during the exchange

All students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with INN University’s advice for safety abroad in the event of an emergency.

If you encounter issues with the study offers and / or welfare schemes along the way, contact the International Office at the foreign institution first. You can contact the International Office at INN University if you need assistance from us.

Special situations may arise where you require assistance from others:

  • If you are in a critical situation or need legal advice while you are abroad, contact the closest embassy or foreign service mission. Addresses to Norwegian foreign service missions can be found at
  • If you become ill during the exchange, you have the right to use the country's public health service. Be aware that the quality of the offer may vary, and that insurances are important to get expenses covered.
  • The Norwegian Sjømannskirken has its own Student Chaplains who can assist you if you need a confidential conversation, assistance, are exposed to abuse or serious incidents. View the Sjømannskirken’s webpage for further information.
  • ANSA has its own advisers who provide outgoing students advice and tips regarding their country of destination. They know the local conditions where you are. ANSA also provides free legal aid through ANSA’s student insurance, if you should become involved in a lawsuit during your exchange.

Social media

The International Office has its own Instagram account for outgoing students. All exchange students are encouraged to follow us, as well as share photos and use the hashtag #INNutveksling.

Students who wish can take over the account for one day during their exchange. Information is provided before and after departure. Students can also send a request to the International Coordinator responsible for the Instagram account. Remember to include your student number in the e-mail.

Student ambassadors

All students on an exchange are INN University ambassadors. Outgoing students will receive a request from the International Office before and during the exchange, to assist students going abroad to the same destination in a later semester. Many students may have specific questions which the Ambassadors can provide the best reply.

Upon returning to INN University, students will be ambassadors for the destination of their exchange.

After completed exchange:

International campus

Become an International Buddy

In some of our Campuses, you can apply to the International Office to become a Buddy for international exchange students, coming to INN University. Upon completion of the programme, 5 ECTS are awarded. For more information, check out the programme’s webpage.

Promote exchange

You can contribute to the promotion of exchange by informing your fellow students and others about your stay. This can be done by participating in presentations or attending information meetings, organized by the International Office. A joint Information Day is held each semester for students going abroad in the following semester. Students, who have returned, are encouraged to attend if asked.

Mandatory exchange report

All students must submit a compulsory online report after completing their exchange. The form is a short survey on the students stay abroad, and will be used as information for future students who are interested in going abroad to the same destination.

Traineeship for recent graduates

Students, who wish to gain international experience after completing their degree at INN University, can apply for a traineeship after the completed degree. Students completing degrees in 2021, can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship (approx. € 610-660 per month) for traineeships in programme countries. The Erasmus+ scholarship can only be received for 12 months per full-degree.

Erasmus+ checklist:

Before departure

  1. Complete Learning Agreement (Traineeship Agreement for internships). The form must be signed by the head of your study programme and the international coordinator at INN University. This forms also serves as an approval that the courses/practice.
  2. Submit to your international coordinator your bank account information.  
  3. Complete and sign Grant Agreement - you will receive information when the document is ready for signing.
  4. Complete online language test (OLS).

While abroad

  1. Deliver Arrival Form signed by the international coordinator at the institution abroad.
  2. Return Learning Agreement signed by institution abroad (can be done before departure).

Once the documents have been submitted to the international office at INN University, 80% of the Erasmus scholarship will be paid out. Please notice that it can take up to 4 weeks until you get the money in your account.

After returning to Norway

  1. Complete the Erasmus + Report
  2. Provide the Traineeship Certification (for internships only).

The remaining payment (20%) will be transferred.