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Application process

Exchange student in Peru, sitting in front of a street painting of a lion

Questions regarding exchange need to be directed to the  International Coordinator at your Campus.

How to apply?

1: Check your possibilities

Browse the exchange destinations eligible for each study programme in the destination  search (in Norwegian). Please mind the language and GPA requirements for selected institutions. 

2: Contact the International Office

It is recommended to discuss the possible options with the International Coordinator at your campus before applying. The International Coordinator can assist in finding suitable destinations.

3: Apply for going on an exchange

Complete the correct application form according to the campus of study. Application deadlines:

  • 15 February for exchange in the fall semester*
  • 15 September for exchange in the spring semester*

*Please be aware that some destinations/exchange programmes have different deadlines.

4: Await an answer to your application

All applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks after the given application deadline. Students that have been granted a place will be invited to a follow-up meeting by the International Coordinator (housing options, course offer, insurance, etc.).

5: Apply for the institution abroad

The International Coordinator at your campus will assist with the application to the designated institution abroad. 

6: Course approval

Once one has received admission to the institution abroad, the programme coordinator at INN Universiy must approve all courses abroad before departure. Completion of the form is also required when applying for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen).

For all Erasmus+ institutions, please use Erasmus+ Learning Agreement, for all "Exchange" and "Study Abroad" institutions - the pre-approval form. 

Course changes after arrival at the host institution

All course changes must be notified by e-mail to the International Coordinator and approved by INN University. Course changes without approval may not be included as a part of one’s degree.  

7: Declaration of Personal Information

All students need to complete the online form Declaration of Personal Information before departing. 

8: Semester fee at INN University

Students travelling on exchange need to pay the semester fee to INN University, to keep their student status.