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Purchase print points

If you need to print more than the included quota you need to purchase more print points. You can easily purchase print points in the payment portal.

Unnused points in the print system are not refundable

Go to the payment portal


How do I log in to the payment portal?

Logging in to the portal is done with your student number and password.

How do I purchase points?

  1. Log in to the payment portal. Click the «ePay» icon.
  2. Fill in the desired amount of points. Epost adresse is already filled in (student mail)
  3. Click «Accept». You will then be directed to the payment provider where you will add your credit card information.
  4. Add valid credit card information
  5. It will tell you if your payment is accepted. Click next for receipt.
  6. Receipt will be sent to your student email (

The balance on your print account will immediately be updated.

How do I check account balance?

  1. Log in to the payment portal. Click the «Transactions» icon.
  2. «Account 1» shows balance for points you have purchased yourself. «Account 2» shows balance from school given points.