Install printer on Mac

This guide describes how to connect to the printing system on your Mac. You need to be connected to the wireless network "eduroam" for the system to work.

Step 1

Go to “System Preferences…” from the Apple-menu on the top left corner. Then choose “Print & Scanners”.

Mac SCPrint1
Mac SCPrint2
Step 2

Under the list of printers, press “+” to add a new printer.

Mac SCPrint3
Step 3

Right click on the available space on the toolbar and press “Customize toolbar”.

Mac SCPrint4
Step 4

Drag the "Advanced" button to the available space on the toolbar.

Mac SCPrint5
Step 5

Click on the new “Advanced” icon, and choose:

  • Type: LDP/LPR Host or Printer
  • Device: Another Device
  • URL:
    For Hedmark: lpd://*student number*
    For Lillehammer: lpd://*student number*
  • Name: Pullprint
  • Location: *empty*
  • Use: Generic PostScript Printer
Mac SCPrint6
Step 6

Tick the “Duplex Printing Unit” and press “Continue”.

Mac SCPrint7


Step 7

The printer is now installed and ready to be used.

Mac SCPrint8