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Office 365

In Office 365 you have access to Office software, web-based e-mail in Outlook, data storage in Onedrive and online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more, including Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

Click here to login to Office 365

  • Username: "studentnumber"
  • Password: FEIDE-password


Office software:

Office 365 ProPlus is a subscription service for new Office versions. It is a productivity software suite (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access and Skype for Business) you install on your computer. Office 365 ProPlus a user based service that gives users access to Office-software on up to five Windows- or Mac-computers and on users mobile devices.

To download Office software to your device, follow these instructions: 

  1. Logon to Office 365.
  2. Click "Install Office" on the first side you arrive at.
  3. Then click "Office 365 apps".
(Choose "Other install options" for other languages, 64-bit versions for Windows and other options)



Outlook is a web-based client attached to a personal mailbox. Here you will receive mail sent to You can use this in communication with teachers, other students and persons outside the school. You get 100GB storage space for sent/received e-mails with attachments. In the address book you can look up other students and send or receive files from for example OneDrive. You can send/receive files up to 100MB. For sending larger files we recommend using Onedrive and sharing files directly with links in emails. Alternatively, the UNINETT FileSender service (



OneDrive is a personal web-based storage system for files. Here you get 1000GB storage space for documents, photos, video etc. Microsoft have set a limitation of maximum 15GB per file.

OneDrive is tightly integrated with other Office 365 services and you can open and save files from for example Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams and so on.

There is a separate OneDrive client, that lets you attach OneDrive to the file system on your PC/Mac. In Windows 10 the client is already available and you only have to login with username ( and password to get going. On Mac the client has to be installed separately by installing the Office software.



Teams is a chat based work area in Office 365. It collects persons, conversations, files and tools in one place, so everyone has immediate access to everything they need.