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Digital student ID

Enrolled students have access to a student ID app for their mobile phone, confirming their admission status at INN University. The app can be used for student identification, e.g. in the student organizations and for discount in public transportation.

Students in need of access to the campus buildings, for borrowing literature from the library and for printing/scanning documents at their campus, must order a physical student card.

How to acquire a valid digital student ID

The app can be downloaded from  the App Store (iOS)Google Play (Android) or  Windows Store.

After downloading, please choose your institution – Høgskolen i Innlandet (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) and log in using your student account (FEIDE).

For the ID to be valid by itself, all students* must have:

  1. Paid their semester fee.
  2. Completed the semester registration.
  3. Activated their student account.
  4. Submitted a passport photo**. 

*Not all steps apply to exchange students. The International Office will provide detailed information for when to download the app. 

**The ID will not automatically include a photo. An additional valid ID (drivers’ licence, passport, etc.) must be used until a picture is added to the profile. See how to do so by choosing “How to order a student card”.