New student

You must complete step 1 – 5 to register as a student.

1. Pay your student fee

  • Log in to Studentweb with your national ID and PIN-Code.
    You can log in to Studentweb and many other services on this page:
  • Payment information is located at the top: More → Payments.
  • The Student fee must be paid before you can proceed in the process. It can take from 3 to 5 days after you pay until the payment is registered in our systems, so do this as soon as possible.

2. Register the correct study program

  • Log on Studentweb with your national ID and PIN.
  • Follow all registration steps. Check that the study program and courses registered on your profile are correct and update them if necessary.
  • Once your registration on Studentweb is complete you will gain access to the e-learning platform Canvas.

3. Activate your account

  • When you are done with step 1 and 2, you need to activate yourself as a student in the college's self-service portal:
  • Type in your national ID number and you will get a code on your phone that you also type in.
  • When you activate your account, you will be assigned your username (= your student number) and you will need to create your own password. This username and password will apply to Canvas, StudentWeb and all other IT systems in the college.

4. Attendance

  • Every new student must confirm their attendance by meeting up at the relevant campus.
  • Check the attendance time and location in the information you received.

5. Student card

  • Information is given at the campus about time and place for photography.
  • You will receive your student card, look for local information about where and when.
  • This applies as a student ID, admission card for the college's premises, a library card and access to printing.