Required documents for English taught programmes

Please read the information below carefully and view the links, before you start preparing your documents for the application.

All certified copies and test results must be submitted by 01 February 2022 (outside EU/EEA) or 15 April 2022 (EU/EEA only), and all test results must be valid during the entire admission process.


Specific documentation requirements

Please be sure to upload documents according to the programme(s) you are applying to. Read the admission requirements carefully and upload all documents with a valid and strong file name.

The specific admission requirements are listed in each available programme:

General documentation requirements

For uploading documents, we kindly ask you to name the documents according to the content, and number them as listed below. We recommend and prefer documents in PDF format, and we urge you to make as good scans as possible. Please upload the following documents in the application portal:

  1. Passport photocopy (preferably in colour)
  2. Residence permit in Norway (if applicable), both sides of the residence card must be visible
  3. English proficiency (according to the English language requirement)
  4. Transcripts and Diploma from upper secondary education (senior high school)
  5. University transcripts, Diploma and Diploma Supplement
  6. Motivation letter (non-EU/EEA applicants to MSc in Applied Ecology only)

We also recommend that you upload course descriptions from your BSc Degree. This might be helpful for us when case handling your application. Note that this is not a compulsory requirement. You will be contacted if we need it for assessing your application and you have not uploaded it in your application.

Specific information for EU/EEA applicants

If you finish your degree in spring 2021 you have to add current transcripts now and upload new certified copies of transcripts/diplomas no later than 01 July 2021.

Specific information for non-EU/EEA applicants

The absolute deadline for submission of all documents is 01 February 2021. This also includes the language test.

English language requirements

Applicants with higher education from outside the Nordic countries must document their proficiency in English.

The English language requirements apply to all except applicants native to UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia or the Nordic countries, who do not require to document English language proficiency.

See the English language requirements for our English taught Master programmes.

Country specific requirements

Applicants from Eritrea, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria or Sudan

If you have a university education from these countries, we require directly sent transcripts from the issuing institution. No exceptions are made to this requirement. Original transcripts and diplomas sent from your institution must be postmarked no later than February 1st 2021.

Applicants with West African Senior School Certificate must also provide a scratch card (upload the scratch card in the application portal) for us to be able to verify the documents.

Please note that INN University does not take responsibility for original certificates. We will not return any documents to the holder of the documents.

Applicants from USA

We require normally directly sent transcripts from the issuing institution. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will also accept e-transcripts sent directly electronically from the institution. We do not accept photocopies or scanned transcripts sent electronically from the applicant.

Applicants from Pakistan 

You must upload photocopies of your original Degree Certificates and Marks Sheet/Result Card attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The HEC number must be readable with good quality. 

Applicants from China

All Diplomas and Transcripts of higher education must be verified by China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) or China Higher Education Student Information (CHSI). The verification report can be scanned and uploaded in the application portal (provided that they include necessary reference information, i.e. "application number" and "file number" (CDGDC) or "online verification code" (CHSI).

Applicants from Iran

Translation of degree certificate and transcript or academic record issued by official English translator to the justice administration in Iran.


All enclosed documents, such as diplomas and transcripts of records not issued in Norwegian or English, must be translated into one of the aforementioned languages by a state-authorized translator.

A certified copy of the original document in the original language must accompany the certified copy of the official translation.

Documentation verification

If you are offered a place at a programme, you may be asked to hand in the original(s) of any official documents uploaded in your online application for an authenticity control.

You must bring your original documents, transcripts and diploma(s) with you at the start of your studies.

Incomplete information and fraud

All attempts to obtain admission with fraudulent documents are without exception reported to the police.  

The applicant is responsible for submitting complete documentation within the application deadline. Incomplete or misleading documentation will not be used for evaluation.

Please note that you will not be considered for admission if:

  • You have not given sufficient information as to your academic background
  • Your application is not submitted or postmarked within the application deadline
  • You do not meet all the entry requirements by the time of the application deadline
  • Your application is not complete with all relevant tests and certified copies within the application deadline
  • You have not ordered directly sent Official academic transcripts from your issuing University /College within the application deadline (see list of countries above)

All attempts to obtain admission with fraudulent documents are without exception reported to the police