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Frequently asked questions

Please check our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to see if you can find an answer to your question before contacting us on e-mail.



How can I document English profiency?

To be able to apply to English taught programmes at INN you need to document English profiency if you are not native from one of the Scandinavian countries or UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

You can find information about our English requirements and minimum scores or grades required on our web site.

Do I need to upload a sponsorship letter?

We do not require that you upload any proof of finances or a sponsorship letter in the admission process. The applicants who gets an offer around April 2021 will recieve further information about how to document finances and the process of paying the deposit for the student residence permit process. The amount for 2020 was 121 200 NOK. The amount is subject to change for 2021.

Am I qualified to apply?

We do not have the time or resources to case handle your application or review your documents before an actual application is registered.

Please read the admission requirement(s) for the programme you wish to apply carefully.

I have uploaded all my documents. What now?

If you have uploaded all the documents required according to the admission requirements of your choses alternatives you will just have to wait.

If there are issues or deficiencies with your documents, we will send you an e-mail during the case handling process.

If everything is ok with your documents you will not hear from us until an answer is due. You will get notified by e-mail when the answer is due.

How does the Covid-19 situation affect my application?

As of now we do not know how the situation in 2021 with Covid-19 will affect the admission process or the english taught programmes. As soon as we know anything that will affect the application process or the programmes planning to start in august 2021 we will inform you through or website and if you have an application pending on e-mail.

Can I send my documents by e-mail?

No, we do not accept documents sent by e-mail. You must upload your documents in the application portal (my documents).

If you have higher education from either Eritrea, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sudan or USA you also must get your institution to send your transcrips to us by postal service in a sealed envelope.

Can I apply to a EU/EEA only programme if I have a residence permit in Norway but a citizenship from outside EU/EEA?

If you have a registered citizenship outside of EU/EEA/Nordic Countries then you will only be able to apply for programmes available to non EU/EEA applicants. If you have a student residence permit in Norway or a temporary residence permit but still is registered with a citizenship outside EU/EEA you will not be able to apply to our EU/EEA only programmes. If you however have a permanent residence permit in Norway or a EU/EEA country but have education from outside EU/EEA you will be able to apply to EU/EEA programmes. If you have a permanent residence permit in Norway but still do not find any programmes available in the application portal you might still be registrered in the system with a citizenship outside EU/EEA. You will then have to change the citizenship in your profile when applying. If you are not able to to this please contact us and we will assist you.

Can I upload documents after the deadline?

The deadline for submission of documents are absolute and your application will be rejected if we do not receive complete and correct documentation within the deadline. Please note that it could take some time to process passports and originals if you need to order originals to be sent from your institution by mail.

NB! If you are an EU/EEA or Nordic applicant and are finishing your degree in the spring of 2021 you have until July 1st to upload these documents. Please upload the documents as soon as you receive them and send us an e-mail if you got reason to believe that you will don't get your diplomas before July 1st.

Can I study a Bachelor Programme at INN?

We do not offer any Bachelor programmes taught in English, so to be able to apply on any Bachelor programmes you need to fulfill the admission requirements including norwegian language profiency.

Can I upload my CV?

We do not require your CV if it is not stated in the specific documentation requirements.

Can I upload a letter of recommandation?

There is no need to upload a letter of recommandation if not stated in the documentation requirements for your prefered choice of programme.

Only documents required for admission will be reviewed and read in the application process.

Do I need to upload a motivation letter?

We require a motivation letter if you are an applicant from outside EU/EEA and are applying to our MSc in Applied Ecology.
Applicants from EU/EEA and the nordic countries do not have to upload a motivation letter.

Does HINN offer any scholarships or financing?

HINN does not offer any scholarships or other forms of financing for full degree students.

Can I apply for the Master in Sustainable Agriculture?

We do not currently offer a Master programme in Sustainable Agriculture. From what we understand there are some old information on some external sites on the web that suggest we still have that programme - but that is not the case.

You can find a list of our English taught programmes on our website.

I graduate after the application deadline. Can I apply?

If you are a EU/EEA residence and graduate at a University in EU/EEA (+ Switzerland, Norway) after the application deadline you will be able to upload your diploma as late as July 1st if you graduate the following semester after the admission deadline.

For applicants from outside EU/EEA you must be qualified by February 1st. - so if you graduate at an institution outside EU/EEA in the spring of 2021 you will not be able to apply for the 2021 admission.

I failed my English test. Can I start to study and then take the English test again in the fall?

No, you must be qualified according to all the admission requirements in time for the admission deadline.

If you are an applicant from EU/EEA (+ Switzerland and Norway) you will be able to take the English test and document it before July 1st.

For all other applicants the deadline for documenting English prociency is February 1st.

I have a Master Degree but I want to apply for a second Master Degree

You can apply for a Master Degree even if you already have a Master Degree from another Norwegiann Institution, but keep in mind that UDI (The Immigration Office) quite often decline applicants who are admitted to a second or even third Master Degree

When can I expect to get an answer?

For applicants outside EU/EEA the admission deadline is February 1st. Because of the process with applying for a Student Visa we plan to send out letters of admission to the once who have been qualified and have enough points/grades from around April 1st.

We always send out an e-mail notice when the admission letter is due, so there is no need for you to ask us further about when to expect an answer.

NB! Please be sure that your e-mail does not automatically send e-mails from our domain to the trash can.

I have not heard from you yet! Why?

If you upload every document correctly you will not hear from us before we send out the letters of admission.

If you have uploaded insuffiecient documents we will get in touch with you by e-mail so that you can correct the uploaded documents.

If you don't upload anything we will not contact you. It is your own responsibility to upload documents according to the admission requirements and before the deadline.

Documents uploaded after the deadline for admission will not be reviewed.

I am on the waiting list. When will I get an update on my status?

If you are on the waiting list you will only be contacted if we actually supply from the waiting list. If you don't hear from us there has been no movements on the waiting list for your application. You will receieve and e-mail from us if your application status.

There are no need to call us or e-mail us to check if there has been any movements from the waiting list if you have not heard from us.