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Semester program Campus Lillehammer


Each semester, the International Buddies arranges events and activities for international exchange students. Simultaneously, there will be arranged events by the student groups at INN University, Campus Lillehammer and events by local companies in Lillehammer city. Here is an overview of activities that might be of interest for you.

Events for exchange students

12.08 - Orientation Day

13.08-19.08 - Buddy Week

23.08 - Information meeting for Double Degree students

25.08 - Besseggen hike, group 1

06.09 - Mandatory information meeting on exams for new students

08.09 - Besseggen hike, group 2

10.09 - Extra information meeting on exams

15.09 - Movie Night in Aud-A

23.09 - Gloomy Monday in Felix

23.09-29.09 - Sportsuka (The Sport Week) in Lillehammer

25.09 - Seminar on how to cite sources to prevent cheating

25.09 - International Evening in Studenten

27.09 - Escape Room

04.10 - Downhill biking in Hafjell

05.10 - October party in Nikkers

06.10 - Movie Night

11.10 - Canoeing, games and BBQ at Krokbua

14.10 - Gloomy Monday in Toppen Bar

14.10 - Fri Flyt Film Tour 2019 in Kulturhuset Banken

17.10-20.10 - Døla Jazz

18.10-20.10 - Fall trip to Rondane

23.10 - October party in Studenten

28.10 - Gloomy Monday in Felix

02.11 - The big movie day at Lillehammer Cinema

03.11 - Movie Night

18.11 - Gloomy Monday at Nikkers Sport

21.11-24.11 - Surfing in Hoddevik

24.11 - Movie Night in (location to be announced)

30.11 - X-mas table

30.11-01.12 - Maihaugen's Christmas Market

05.12 - The Christmas Street opening in Lillehammer

06.12-08.12 - World Cup in Lillehammer

This year's World Cup in Lillehammer will be a big event. With four races in Cross Country, three in Combined and three races for female ski jumpers within difficult and intimate slopes, will will be challenging. Show up with flags, good vibes and cheer on your favourite athletes. One-day ticket costs 120 NOK. A weekend pass costs 325 NOK. Exchange students at Campus Lillehammer has the possibility to volunteer at this (and many other) sport event(s) during their stay. For more information, check out the Volunteering web-page.

11.12 - Christmas Workshop in Studenten

Studenten invites all students at INN University for a cozy evening. Take a break from your exam, or join before your leave back home for Christmas, and create some decorations. More information will follow in the Facebook event



For more information on the events arranged by the Buddies, exchange students have to check the Facebook group for exchange students fall 2019.