Buddy programme

Every semester, a group of students have a special responsibility for the social integration of new international students at each of INN University's Campuses.




Before arrival, the Buddies will contact their assigned international students. This ensures that the students gain a contact person that can answer their non-academic questions. The Buddies will arrange the pick-up of the International students upon their arrival. Throughout the semester, the Buddies will be of assistant to the international students, and will organize activities and trips, as well as social events.

INN University´s Buddy Programme offers:

  • Student pickup service.
  • Organized trips and activities.
  • Assistance for international students.
  • Social events.


Not a course for new international students

Please notice that students do not need to apply for the programme to be granted a Buddy. The Buddy Programme is neither a course for new international students. 


Want to be a Buddy?

International students studying for two semesters at INN University, can apply to be a buddy during their second semester. Students cannot apply to be a buddy during their first semester at INN University. Click here for more information.