Housing Lillehammer

International exchange students can choose between on-campus housing administrated by SINN (the Student Welfare Organisation) with residences in several locations in Lillehammer, or choose to live in an apartment/ a room that our Norwegian students make available when they go on exchange.

On-campus housing

SINN offers student housing in several locations in Lillehammer. All residences are within walking distance from bus stops connected to the city centre and the University. Most international students choose to reside in Storhove (right next to the school's premises) or Smestad (halfway between the University and the city centre). 

Students are accommodated in fully furnished single rooms including: utilities, WiFi, desk chair, closet, small table, single bed with a duvet and a pillow. Students can apply for unfurnished rooms, however; this is not recommended. Most rooms have a shared kitchen and social area with a private bathroom. Some rooms have shared bathrooms. All student homes have access to laundry machines, dryers, storage space and parking (monthly fee of 100 NOK).

The rent differs for each room and location. Most students choose to rent in Smestad for 3955 NOK (approximately 401 EUR/457 USD) per month.

For more info, visit sinn.no


Off-campus housing

Every semester our institution sends out a number of Norwegian students for a semester (or two) of studies abroad. While they are away, some make their private housing available for rent. This year our office has initiated a collaboration with these students. It entails that international students coming to Lillehammer will have a possibility to sub-rent rooms or apartments of the Norwegian students.

The offering varies from semester to semester. The complete overview will become available after the application deadline per semester (1 May - fall semester, 15 October - spring semester). Our office will contact only those students who indicated their interest in the online application form (used for applying to INN University).  

Please notice, that our office only provides the platform. We are in no position to dictate or negotiate arrangements. Any details have to be discussed directly between the Norwegian student (“landlord”) and the international student.

At the same time we strongly advise you to make the arrangements as soon as possible, in case the arrangement is unsuccessful. Please notice that the on-campus housing application is usually due 15 June (fall semester) and 15 November (spring semester).

Usually Norwegian students live in either small apartments or a room in a collective (nor. hybel). Rent varies and usually stays within the range of on-campus housing.