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Registration and cancellation of registration

Registration for examinations is regulated by the Regulations for Admission, Programmes of Study and Examinations at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences §§ 6-5 og 6-6

Registration for examinations

Registration for an examination takes place automatically in Studentweb when you approve and/or update your study plan in connection with the semester registration.

If you intend to take a continuation examination, retake an ordinary examination or take examinations in courses outside your study plan, you must register for assessment in Studentweb. If you want to access Canvas, you must also enroll for the lectures in the relevant course in Studentweb. To register for submission of bachelor's and master's theses after failure or valid absence, you must contact your faculty.

In order to pass an examination, all compulsory work requirements and prerequisites must be approved and passed. Semester fees for the relevant semester must be paid before you can take an examination.

Registration deadline

Deadline for examination registration: October 1st in the fall semester and March 1st in the spring semester.

EXCEPTION: At Elverum's campus, the registration deadline is one month before the examination. Special routines apply here for registration after October 1st and March 1st.

EXCEPTION: At Lillehammer campus, the deadline for registration for a continuation examination is one month before the examination. For ordinary examinations that are set before October 1st in the fall semester and before March 1st in the spring semester, the registration deadline is 1 month before the examination.

Cancellation of registration to examinations

Cancellation of registration is done in  Studentweb.

Deadline for cancellation of registration

The deadline for cancellation of registration is 14 days before the day of the examination.

Total number of examination attempts

You have the option to register for the examination in a course a maximum of three times. INN University may on special occasions grant exemption for a fourth examination attempt. This must be applied for specifically by sending the application to INN University. For practical experiential learning and large student assignments such as bachelor’s and master’s theses, special rules apply.

It is considered as one examination attempt if you fail to retract your examination registration within the deadline, if you do not attend the examination and do not deliver a valid medical certificate within 3 working days. The same applies if you withdraw during the examination or submit a blank answer.

Which grade applies?

If you retake an examination, the highest grade will apply.