Justification of grades and appeals

In accordance with the Regulations for Admission, Programmes of Study and Examinations at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, you are entitled to a justification of your grades, as well as to appeal against examination results, cf. § 7-4 and § 7-5.

Justification of grading

Requests for justification must be submitted within one week of the grade being announced. In case of oral examinations or assessment of practical works, a request for justification must be submitted immediately after the grade has been announced.

Requests for justification of grading are forwarded to the examiner according to the information provided regarding the course in Fronter.

Appeal against grading

Appeals against grading must be submitted in writing within three weeks after the examination results have been announced. If you have requested a justification of your grade or have appealed against formal errors related to the examination, the appeal deadline will count down from the day you receive the justification or decision on the appeal against formal errors. Results of oral examinations, practical training or other types of examinations that cannot be inspected after the fact, cannot be appealed.

When an examination is reassessed, new examiners are used. The new examiners will not know your original grade and will not be given access to any justification for determining your original grade. Please note that assessment following an appeal may lead to a reduction in grade. The grading from the appeal assessment is final and cannot be appealed for new assessment, cf. the Act relating to universities and university colleges, § 5-3, paragraph 6.

  • In case of appeal against grading of a group examination, all members of the group must consent to and participate in the appeal. The appeal form must be signed by all group members.
  • If you appeal against a grade after a diploma has been issued, the diploma must be returned before the appeal can be processed.
  • There is no three-week deadline for a re-assessment after an appeal. Answers or preliminary answers shall be available within 4 weeks after the appeal deadline.
  • The appeal may be withdrawn as long as no decision has been made regarding a new grade.
  • You may request a justification of grading after an appeal.

Appeal Against Grading (form)

Appeal against formal errors related to an examination

Anyone who has taken an examination or test may appeal against formal errors within three weeks after he or she is – or should have been – made aware of the grounds for the appeal. If errors have been made that may have had an effect on the candidate's performance or the assessment of it, the result of the assessment shall be repealed. If the error can be corrected by a new assessment of submitted work, a new assessment will be made. If not, a new examination or test with new examiners will be held. Grading following new assessment under this paragraph may be appealed in accordance with § 7-5.