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Digital oral examination

For oral exams without a physical attendance on campus, INN University uses the conference tool Zoom for conducting the exams. Before the digital oral examination, all students (candidates) must familiarize themselves with the guidelines.  

Guidelines for digital oral examination in Zoom 

General guidelines and advice: 
  • The only conference tool accepted for digital oral exams is Zoom.
  • A digital oral exam is held between 08:00-15:30, due to the need for access to user support and the Study Administration. 
  • Recording of the oral examination is prohibited.
  • The candidates should test their Zoom connection and technical equipment with someone (such as a fellow student/colleague) no later than a day before the exam. 

Information on safety regarding Zoom is found on  Uninett’s web pages.

Familiarize yourself familiar with  the Zoom client, and test your sound/picture.


Technical requirements:
  • All participants must use the Zoom client. 
  • Using both wireless and wired internet is possible; however, the usage of a network cable will reduce the risk of choppy audio and blurred images. 
  • To ensure good sound and picture quality, the following criteria apply to all participants. If the candidate does not fulfil these requirements, the candidate may be rejected and not permitted to complete the examination.
    • Audio: headphones with a microphone or table microphone (wired or wireless). 
    • Image: webcam (built-in or connected).
  • If necessary, update your operating system, browser and Zoom client well before the exam, so there will be no interference during the examination. 


Exam preparation and completion:

  • The Course Coordinator / Study Administration is responsible for creating a web-conference in Zoom and distributing the link to all participants. They will announce information on each candidate's examination time through Canvas or by e-mail. 
    • Creating a web-conference and distributing the link to participants is done through Canvas, or directly in the Zoom client. Possible security settings will stay the same. By creating the conference through Canvas, the link is accessible to all candidates and added to their Canvas Calendar.
  • All candidates must find a suitable quiet place with a neutral background (virtual backgrounds are not permitted) and set aside plenty of time for preparation. Background noise should not disturb the exam. 
    • The candidate's room and face should be well lit. Avoid intense light in the background, such as a window. Candidates should place the light source in front of themselves. 
    • The candidate should close all unnecessary programs on the computer.
    • At the start of the examination, the examiner will check the candidate's identity. Candidates must present through the webcam a valid student card or other valid identification with a photo, such as a bank card, driver's license, passport or other. 
  • Candidates are given access to sharing their screen if desired, for example, for the purpose of a presentation.
  • If a candidate experiences a serious unforeseen technical problem during the examination, the eligibility of the candidate to retake the exam will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Justification and grading:
  • The Exam Office/the examiners will announce the grades during the examination day or in Studentweb after the exam, to each candidate individually. 
  • If a candidate wishes to receive justification for his/her grade, a request must be submitted immediately after the grade announcement, according to the  Regulations for Admission, Studies and Exams at INN University § 7-4 (1).