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Conditions concerning exams in spring 2020

Due to the extraordinary situation surrounding the coronavirus, INN University has decided to change from a school exam format to home exams in most subjects. Information on the assessment format that applies in each course is given to the students by each faculty.

Absence from exams – self-report

INN University has instituted a self-certification for absence from an exam in the spring semester 2020. The deadline for this is 1 week after the exam.

Self-report means that the student her/himself has to report that she/he can’t take the exam, without providing a medical certificate/documentation. This self-report covers all conditions related to the coronavirus, that is, it also applies in situations where you as a student cannot take the exam due to care tasks or other circumstances that are a direct consequence of the extraordinary situation.

The self-report must contain:

 - Student name

 - Student number

 - Study programme

 - Course name/code

 - Date of absence

The use of a self-report leads to a valid absence on the exam and allows you to take the continuation exam at a later date.

Self-report is sent as an email to the study administration at your faculty.

Individual preparation for the exam

Students who have been granted an extension to a written school exam will normally receive a corresponding extension to the home exam in courses that have switched the format of assessment to one.

Granted extension appears in Studentweb under the relevant course.

In the current situation, INN University will not be able to process applications for emergency care beyond what was sent to us by the deadline for application on March 1. In such cases, we refer to the possibility of submitting a self-report on absence from the exam, with the subsequent opportunity to take the continuation examination.