Canvas is a new learning platform (LMS) for all students and staff at HINN beginning from the academic year 2018-19.

Access to Canvas

All students will receive access to Canvas via FEIDE using their student account. Tuition fees for the semester(s) must be paid and the education plan approved in order to get access to Canvas.

The Fall courses in Canvas will be available by August the 10th. Contact your local student administration if you lack access to a course.

Most students will manage to use Canvas without the need for training, but take a look at the Canvas course for students How to get started in Canvas.

Canvas is perceived as user friendly

The pilot projects have already used Canvas for a year and are well and truly satisfied with the platform. The feedback from both students and staff has been positive and many have expressed that this tool functions better than Fronter and that Canvas is more intuitive and user-friendly. Good possibilities for communication between students and teachers and even a Canvas app for notifications are especially positive.

Download the Canvas app for students!

If you download the app and log on, you will receive notifications from your course directly to your cell phone. These can be messages from teachers, reminders about due dates and so forth.

Canvas Student app for Android

Canvas Student app for iOS


Login to Canvas

Username = student number

Password = FEIDE password (Choose “Høgskolen I Innlandet” as affiliation)

Contact IT help if there are any problems.


How to get started in Canvas