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Arriving at Gardermoen Airport (Oslo)

From the airport, Hamar is an hour’s train ride to the north. Elverum is a one and a half hour’s bus ride also to the north. Gardermoen is a small airport, with only one terminal, so it is quite easy to navigate. When you arrive and collect your bags, go through customs. This is normally very low key – go through the green “nothing to declare” (if this is the case) and through the doors into the main terminal section. There are signs telling you where to go for both buses and trains.

For those arriving a few days early and going to Oslo beforehand, there are several ways to get to the city. The easiest way is the airport train (Flytoget) that departs very frequently from the tracks one level below the terminal. You buy a ticket in the terminal, near the escalator and elevator that take you to the lower level. The cost is about 180 kroner. This train stops at several stations in downtown Oslo. You will then need to take a taxi, tram or bus to your hostel or hotel.

Outside the terminal you can catch an airport bus. You buy the ticket on board. The bus stops at several locations downtown, including the main train station, and a number of hotels in the central downtown area. It is cheaper than the airport train. You can also take the local train, which is cheaper than the airport express. Follow the signs for the train platform to the right in the terminal. The main train station (Oslo S) is probably the easiest place to go off and find other transportation to where you plan to stay overnight. 

Getting Around Hedmark

You will notice quite quickly that Norwegians are used to walking a good deal! With the right shoes and clothing, walking can be one way to enjoy the Norwegian lifestyle and your surroundings. Your walk from campus to the residence halls at Hamar and Elverum is approximately 1.5 kilometres, or 10-15 minutes. Downtown shops, restaurants, banks, the post office and the train station are located a short few blocks from campus. Hamar, Elverum and Rena Campus have a bookstore on campus.

Buses and trains serve the area of Hedmark, and are convenient for students. Timetables for travel between campuses are easily found on buses and in stations in Hedmark. Look for student discounts and other low “green” fares on the trains. You will be introduced to public transportation during your orientation.

Trains and buses also serve the connection between Hedmark campuses and Oslo, or Hedmark campuses and points north including Trondheim. Oslo is the hub for all train services to other points in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. Oslo Gardermoen airport is on the train line to Oslo, with departures many times during the day. If you are travelling longer distances, it may be wise to investigate airline prices for inexpensive tickets. Norwegian and Ryanair are airlines to check for lower prices.