ADK2001 3D-Art & Generalisation II

Learning outcomes

Once the student has completed his/her qualification, he/she will have achieved the following learning outcomes:


The student

  • has knowledge of 3D hard surface modelling
  • has basic knowledge of organic modelling in 3D, with a focus on good topology
  • has knowledge of optimized modelling in 3D
  • has knowledge of low-poly and high-poly modelling
  • has knowledge of subdivision surfaces
  • has knowledge of sculpting in 3D
  • has knowledge of the use of material shaders and textures
  • has knowledge of baking textures
  • has knowledge of the setting up of render engines
  • has knowledge of general character rigging


The student

  • is able to model realistic hard surface models
  • is able to create optimized 3D-models
  • is able to model organic 3D-models
  • is able to use material shaders and textures to create credible surfaces on 3D-models
  • is able to retopologies 3D -models
  • is able to rig a 3D-character with a base rig and “skin” it with correct weighting

General competence

The student

  • is able to use 3D software to a high technical standard
  • has an understanding of relevant issues and is able to contribute in a discussion regarding good modelling techniques
  • is able to think innovatively and disseminate new knowledge and new ideas

Course content

Central topics:

  • advanced polygon modelling techniques
  • hard surface modelling
  • organic modelling
  • 3D-sculpting
  • UV-mapping
  • material shaders and textures
  • composition, lighting and use of cameras
  • use of hardware and software render engines to render still images and image sequences
  • repolarization and optimization of 3D models
  • rendering

Teaching and working methods

The course is organized as a combination of lectures, practical exercises, regular submission of weekly assignments, self-study and supervision.

Coursework requirements

  • 3-6 individual or group-based assignments, in accordance with the teaching plan
  • attendance at lectures in accordance with the teaching plan
  • attendance at laboratory teaching in accordance with the teaching plan

Passed coursework requirements are only valid for 12 months. Students who apply for retake of exams/folder assignments after 12 months will have to pass the coursework requirements again next time the course is taught.


  • 2 individual folder assignments where folder 1 counts 40% and folder 2 counts 60% of the finale grade and where folder 2 has to be prepared for the degree show

Alphabetical grades are used, on a scale from A to F, with E as the lowest passing grade.