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ACE3002 Safe & Sound - Global Child Mental Health and Social Work Practicum

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the students should have the following learning outcomes:


The student has:

  • In depth knowledge of adverse childhood experiences in the Vietnamese society, and how these are manifested at the practicum site
  • Insight into how the practicum site deals with Adverse childhood experiences, health and sustainable development
  • Experience based knowledge of cultural and professional etiquette at the practicum site


The student can:

  • Formulate own learning outcomes during the internship
  • Apply academic knowledge in a professional setting to solve real-world problems
  • Give and receive constructive and culture sensitive feedback based on one's work experience
  • Relate effectively to persons with a different cultural or educational background on different levels in an organization’s structure
  • Communicate within and outside a professional organization with due respect to the organizations mission and values

General competence:

By the end of the course, the student has:

  • competence to reflectively use own experiences and feedback from mentors to enhance one's own learning as well as professional and cross cultural competency
  • the ability to be a good team player across cultural and professional differences
  • demonstrated professional commitment and cultural sensitivity

Course content

Access is given to a limited number of students who have successfully completed the previous two courses “Crisis psychology and disaster response” and “Adverse childhood experiences, health and sustainable development”.

Prospective students will be selected on the basis of an application including: a) motivation letter, b) curriculum vitae, c) grades from completed courses and d) description of relevant experience, including skills and training that could be practiced in an international practice setting with children, such as teaching, sports, arts, cultural and other leisure activities.

Educational site

For this course, the formal educational site will be Vietnam National University – University of Education, Hanoi, Vietnam. The internship locations will be approved by INN University and carefully selected by the partner institutions (university, NGO, private or public organizations). The locations for internship will be pre-chosen by the course administration and will be designed to each student by the course administrator.


Objectives and Content

The objective of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to experience, develop an understanding of, and reflect critically on professional/academic practice in an international setting. This objective is reached through observation of the daily operations and interaction with social welfare and health care providers and NGO’s working with childhood adversity and mental health issues. The student will take part in different learning experiences and perform duties agreed to in an outplacement agreement with the host institution.

As part of the internship, time is set aside with the internship mentor at the host institution. These consultations will provide space for discussions about the student's experience, and the institution's experience with the student. In addition, INN University will provide supervision in regular video-meetings.

Teaching and working methods

The practicum period of about 4 weeks is a hands-on experience working in a professional setting. Lectures or other classroom teaching activities during practicum will be limited. A compulsory pre-departure/start-up seminar will address administrative, practical, cultural, and professional issues. During the course, an intensive on-site field-course or workshop of thematic relevance to the students and the practicum site(s) is offered. After the practicum period, students will have about 1 week to prepare their field report/practicum summary and oral presentation.

Coursework requirements

The student must complete the requirements of the internship Agreement and the internship mentor at the host institution must confirm that this is done. Compulsory assignments are minimum 2 individual Blog post at the module’s website, and an oral presentation to fellow students and teaching staff at home university.


Individual practicum report of 10 – 15 pages and oral presentation