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SKO1104 Boreal forest sector

Learning outcomes

A candidate with fulfilled qualifications will have the following learning outcome: 


The candidate

  • has knowledge about biological, economic and political frames of the boreal forest sector
  • has insight into how and why the forest sector in boreal areas differs from other regions in the world
  • has understanding of markets for wood and wood products and international trade, markets trends, challenges and opportunities
  • has considerable knowledge about the functioning of the boreal forest sector, and the place of Norway and Nordic countries
  • has insight into particular forms of boreal forest management, like coastal forestry and mountain forestry


The candidate 

  • Can communicate about the features of the boreal forest sector
  • Can search for and put together information from various sources in order to provide more insight about a topic

General competence

The candidate

  • knows a broad set of technical terms in English related to forestry, can read English forestry literature and communicate about forestry written and orally
  • has an understanding about threats and opportunities that this sector is facing

Course content

The course will cover the main factors that together form

  • The frames for the forest sector in different parts of the world,
  • Forest resources (area, types of forest, productivity,
  • Industrial qualities of different types of wood, forest management.
  • Economic and political variables in the forest sector (political and financial stability, demand, trade opportunities, economic growth, costs, forest-related legislation and certification)
  • The main markets (sawn wood, papers, boards, energy) and current trends in the different markets
  • Two specific types of boreal forestry; coastal forestry and mountain forestry

The emphasis will be on the boreal forest sector, while other parts of the world will be covered in order for the students to understand the main differences.

Teaching and working methods

Forelesninger, ekskursjoner, oppgaver og presentasjoner

Coursework requirements



  • Assignments in groups - reports and presentations (40%)
  • Individually oral exam (60%)

Grading according to ECTS-system on scale A-E for passed and F for failed.