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6AE113 Ecology and management of freshwater fisheries

Learning outcomes

A candidate with fulfilled qualifications will have the following learning outcome:


The candidate

  • has basic knowledge of the structures and functions of ecosystems in lakes and running water
  • has knowledge of the biology of the more abundant and important Nordic fish species and the main fish communities where these species exist
  • has knowlege of acquainted with the main issues related to the use and management of freshwater fish populations


The candidate

  • is able to carry out a survey fishing with appropriate gears and subsequent population analyses

General competence: 

The candidate

  • has an overview and understanding of freshwater fish as an important resource for landowners and tourism

Course content

  • Freshwater ecosystems, biology and ecology of main fish species in Nordic waters,
  • The invertebrate biota in freshwater
  • Fish as a resource for recreational and touristic use and the management issues related to this.

Teaching and working methods

Lectures, practice in the field and in the lab

Coursework requirements

Individual report / presentation. Participation in survey fishing and population analysis


Oral exam

Grading according to ECTS-system on scale A-E for passed and F for failed