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INN3026 Project Management in Innovation Processes

Name of study programme

Project Management in Innovation Processes

ECTS credits



This course deals with project management as a way of organizing and manage process in general and more specifically as an instrument or agent for innovation.

Specific topics dealt with, include:

  • Types, sources and models of project management
  • Project management in organizations as an instrument for innovation
  • Organizing for innovation processes using projects, the relation between temporary and permanent organization
  • Leading projects and working with project teams
  • Learning and developing competence during project
  • The complexity regarding projects in ways of organizing and managing
  • Collaborating and building trust in project

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the concepts of Project Management
  • Know about the fundamental elements in project organized innovation processes
  • Know how to organize and facilitate innovation processes as a project in organizations
  • Know about opportunities and barriers in Project Management


Can discuss varieties of project management theories Can identify, and analyze project management theories and relate it to practical cases and issues Can work in project teams in innovation processes

General competence:

The candidate can participate as a team member or as a project manager in project focusing on innovation. Students can review relevant literatures, critique and debate key theoretical concepts and apply these in practice in projects.

Teaching and working methods

Discussion based lectures, case study seminars and use of cases to illustrate the theory.

Assessment, examination and grading

Coursework requirements

Mandatory tests and / or project work that must be graded as “passed” to gain admittance to the final exam. The detailed requirements about form, number and size of tests / project works are communicated at course start-up.

Final examination

Two day home exam



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