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FFV2010 Scandinavian Culture in Film and Television

Name of study programme

Scandinavian Culture in Film and Television

ECTS credits



This course investigates Scandinavian fiction, as it has come to be known from cinema and television series from the past 25 years. From a national and international perspective, Scandinavian film and television drama are doing very well, and can pride themselves with Oscar awards and nominations as well as international Emmy awards. Recently the term Nordic noir has become a brand name known for quality and sophistication. The course seeks to acquaint the students with the key figures, film styles and institutions in contemporary Scandinavian cinema and television, and to explore the film and television texts in light of key characteristics of the Scandinavian society and culture.

Taking the framework from the field of national cinemas, the course will focus on how Scandinavian film and television drama respond to global Hollywood and international trends, by reworking well known genre formulas as well as constructing stories with an original national blend. Examples of this include the films by Lars von Trier, Ruben Östlund, Joachim Trier, and Susanne Bier; the adaptations (and remakes) of the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson and by Jo Nesbø; and celebrated drama series such as Forbrydelsen, Borgen and Broen.

Learning outcomes


  • The student is familiar with general trends, genres, and key figures in contemporary Scandinavian film and television series
  • The student recognizes similarities as well as differences between the Scandinavian film and television cultures
  • The student understands the dynamic relations which exist between Scandinavian and global cinema and television
  • The student has insight into the relationship between genre, aesthetics, and ideology in Scandinavian film and television 


  • The student can conduct close analysis of audiovisual fiction within the theoretical framework of national cinema
  • The student are able to account for the close connections between Scandinavian literature, film and television
  • The student are able to present and discuss various topics with relevance to Scandinavian film and television
  • The student has the ability to write thoughtfully and accurately about films and television series


General competence:
  • The student reflects critically on various subjects in the field of study
  • The student are able to structure and carry out written assignments

Teaching and working methods

The course consists of lectures, screenings, seminars with student presentations, and compulsory assignments.

Assessment, examination and grading

Coursework requirements:

  • Assignments in groups (presentations at seminars)
  • Individual, written assignment
  • Attendance at seminars

Form of assessment:

Essay (1 week take-home examination)

Grades A-F