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2MAT301 Mathematics III

Learning outcomes

By completing the course, the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes: 


The student  

  • has a good mathematical foundation for advanced visualisation and simulation 


The student  

  • is able to make mathematical models for visualisation and simulation  

General competence 

The student 

  • is able to apply mathematical models in games, 3D visualisation and systems thinking 

Course content

Central topics: 

  • affine spaces, homogeneous matrices 
  • numerical solution of linear equation systems
  • interpolation and approximation
  • polynomials, splines, continuity, smoothness
  • triangulations and barycentric coordinates
  • 3D curves and planes, including Bezier and B-spline curves
  • quaternions
  • collision treatment
  • elementary game theory 

Teaching and working methods

Lectures and mathematics exercises. 

Coursework requirements

  • 3–5 individual assignments, in accordance with the teaching plan 


  • 4-hour individual written examination 

Alphabetical grades are used on degree from A to F, with E as the lowest passing grade. 

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