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2PRO201 Programming II

Learning outcomes

By completing the course, the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes: 


The student 

  • has knowledge of central concepts in object-oriented programming 
  • has knowledge of object-oriented work methods and development
  • has knowledge of developing and testing computer games 


The student 

  • has skills in object-oriented programming, development and use of classes, and use of relevant development tools for testing and troubleshooting
  • is able to make a computer game working in an interdisciplinary group
  • is able to write an academic text
  • has an understanding of project management methods and processes 

General competence 

The student 

  • is able to identify and solve problems by means of object-oriented programming using a relevant tool 
  • is able to plan project work within an interdisciplinary working group  
  • is able to give considered reasons for decisions made during the development process

Course content

Central topics: 

  • object-oriented programming: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism  
  • templates 
  • static and dynamic memory
  • exception handling
  • introduction to a game engine

Teaching and working methods

The course is organised as a combination of lectures, practical exercises, self-study and supervision.

Coursework requirements

  • 3–5 individual and group-based assignments  
  • attendance at lectures in accordance with the teaching plan  
  • attendance at laboratory teaching in accordance with the teaching plan 

Passed coursework requirements are only valid for 12 months. Students who apply for retake of exams/folder assignments after 12 months will have to pass the coursework requirements again next time the course is taught. 


  • 1 individual folder assignment 

Alphabetical grades are used on a scale from A to F, with E as the lowest passing grade. 

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