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2BTP222 Biotechnology laboratory project

Learning outcomes

A candidate having completed the course have the following learning outcomes:


The Candidate is

  • able to work independently, and/or in groups, on a scientific laboratory project, to keep an organised and updated laboratory notebook in addition to organising and storing all reagents and samples under the proper conditions.


The Candidate is

  • able to describe the methods employed and organise and present (orally and/or written as a summary report) results obtained according to standard scientific criteria 

Course content

  • students will participate in a research project in progress at the department, performing laboratory experiments independently or in groups of two, under the supervision of a faculty member
  • both samples experimental procedures, and results are to be organised and documented in a laboratory notebook and a summary document/report containing text, tables and figures of methods and materials employed
  • samples analysed and results obtained should be submitted at the conclusion of the student's participation in the project

Teaching and working methods

  • students plan and perform laboratory experiments individually, or in groups of two, under the supervision of a faculty member and staff and students associated with the Project


Coursework requirements



  • individual written summary report

The grading system is based on: Passed - Not passed