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MLT2001 Event Management

Name of study programme

Event Management

ECTS credits


Academic level and organisation of the study programme



Event Management is theoretically anchored in many professional fields, such as law, accounting, marketing, and personnel managing just to name a few. The course aims to provide students with skills to contribute, develop, and manage the execution of an event. While the course surveys events on a broad scale, it pays particular attention to local and major events.



Learning outcomes


  • is familiar with a variety of events and their characteristics.
  • understand how to develop, to plan, and to execute different events.


  • able to develop a business model for an event.
  • able to execute customer surveys, budgeting and risk analysis.
  • has practical skills to develop and execute events.
  • can recognise the factors that contribute to a successful event (see coursework).

 General competence

  • able to give significant contribution in developing and performing events of different kinds

Teaching and working methods

Lectures, as well as guest speakers representing different types of events, from music festivals (Øya Festival) to literature- and culture festivals (Peer Gynt Festival), etc. The coursework helps students work on different sized projects tied to the various festivals and events.

Assessment, examination and grading

Students will work on issues/topic areas related to an actual event/festival.

75% mandatory in lectures, seminars and event visits.


One week home exam, individual