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Curriculum /1

FFV1001 Visual Sociology

Name of study programme

Visual Sociology

ECTS credits



Visual Sociology gives an introduction to critical perspectives on photography, using a selection of texts of key authors and social science theories. The course is partly theoretical and partly practical. Practical elements include students creating a visual representation of a social group or environment accompanied with written text.

The topics and issues discussed are ethical, social and political implications of photography; the relationship between photographer and the subject that is photographed; and photography as a method to explore and portray social reality. The relationship between visual sociology and photography as art will be discussed, and characteristics of photography will be compared to other audiovisual media and written text.

Learning outcomes

  • insight into core theoretical debates and ethical issues on photography, insights into photography as social practice, and how social and cultural context influences interpretations of photographs and images.
  • skills and ethical sensibility in practical street-based photography and skills to use photography as method for exploration and portrayal of social reality.