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The LCR Graduate Student Conference 2021 is the first of (what will hopefully become) an LCA tradition!

@LCRgradconf = A virtual conference

campus 2019

We are here!

Hamar, Norway

[Last updated: 03 October 2021]

Help! A virtual conference? I've never done this before!

  • That's ok! We have done this before & will be able to guide you.
    • Here you will be able to say hello, chat & mingle.
  • If you are new to the art of virtual conferencing, never fear!
    • We will help you master the basics so you will be able to focus on the conference events, rather than the technical details.

When will the conference be held?

  • 11-12 October 2021
  • Please block off both days in your schedule!

What platform will you be using?

  • We will use Zoom. Many of you already use it. It is free and user-friendly.
  • The entire conference wil take place in a single Zoom 'meeting', with the individual sessions taking place in 'break-out' rooms.
    • Delegates will be able to join and leave the sessions at will.
  • To join us at the conference, everyone has to download a program in advance. You only have to do this the very first time you want to use Zoom.
  • You will find the download  here. Select the first option: Zoom Client for Meetings.

How will I access the conference?

  • The 'join link' to our conference has been sent via email to all registered delegates.
    • The email address we used is the one you registered with.
    • If you have then not received it, check your spam folder.
    • If you still can't find it, write us at lcrgradconf@inn.no & we will help you.

How much will the conference cost?

  • The conference will be FREE for all delegates. 
  • All conference expenses are sponsored by the Learner Corpus Association and the Faculty of Education at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

What's going to happen at this conference?

  • Our program is here.
  • Two plenary talks, one per day. Check out our speakers  here!
  • Full papers (20 minutes plus 5-10 minutes discussion), held live
  • Digital posters, made in advance & posted on our YouTube channel for feedback from conference delegates
  • And...see the next question!

But what about all those lovely social events at conferences? Is this conference going to be all work and no play?

  • Definitely not! We know that learner corpus researchers need to play too!
  • Our/networking events include:
    • Icebreaker event: get to know your fellow delegates at this exciting mingling event!
    • 'Continuing the conversation' chats after both keynote talk. The keynote speakers will remain wtih us, so we can all keep talking!
    • Networking/chat featuring Tove Larsson on the theme of work/life balance in academia. Check out her talk about this same topic on our YouTube channel playlist.
    • Networking/chat featuring Elen Le Foll on the theme of using social media for academic contexts. Check out her talk about some of her own academic work on our YouTube channel playlist.
    • 'Meet the experts' chat. Have questions you've always wanted to ask? Now you'll have the chance to talk to a handful of experts who have promised to be there with us (and more might come on their own accord). Remember that it is also possible to be a fly on the virtual wall, listening to what's being discussed (yes, eavesdropping is so much easier at virtual events!). Don't be shy!
    • A 'live' poster session, where a handful of our poster presenters pose particular questions to the expert of their choice. Everyone else can soak in wisdom & chime in themselves!
  • Our Reception room will be open before and throughout the conference.
    • Drop in anytime to mingle and chat
    • Ppractice your Zoom skills, and get one-to-one technical assistance here (if needed).
    • If you require a private room for a meeting you have arranged with someone else, come to Reception & we will help you.

But I go to conferences to develop my network! Will I be able to do that @LCRgradconf?

  • Yes, we certainly think so!
  • That is part of the point of the social events (see point above).
  • This conference will give you the chance to interact with both senior researchers and with your fellow Early Career Researchers (i.e. the LCR experts of tomorrow!)

I am presenting a paper. Help!!

  • Breathe.
  • Read our instructions for paper presenters here.
  • In our experience, things usually go right! But to pre-empt problems:
  1. Make sure you are sitting in a location with a strong Internet connection during the conference
  2. Make sure to test out everything with us in Reception before your talk, even if you know what you're doing.
    • We want to make sure that your video & audio work well, and that you can successfully share your powerpoint presentation with us ('share screen').
  3. Show up 10 minutes before your paper session & 'share screen' once more with us: a final check before your actual presentation. 
  4. Our motto: Better safe than sorry :-) 

I am a senior LCR researcher. Is this conference relevant for me?

  • Yup.
  • Younger LCR researchers need your input.
  • You need younger LCR researchers to challenge you and push your own research further.
  • Conclusion:
    • Save the dates & join us!
    • You have nothing to lose and loads to gain!

Do you need any help?

  • Yes, please!
  • Engage with us on Twitter  - Spread the word about the conference and retweet LCR-related news!
  • We are here: @lcrgradconf
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch the video posters & leave feedback for the presenters.
  • Actively participate at the conference!

But is Zoom secure? We read all sorts of things about Zoombombing!

Will I need all sorts of technical gadgets to participate?

  • Nah. Basically you will need a computer, a headset or conference microphone, and a web camera. The camera and micrphone can be the built-in ones on your computer or external ones.
  • You will also need internet access. Using a network cable is more reliable than using WiFi.
  • We'll give you plenty of opportunity to try everything out before you join a session or present a paper. Drop by Reception at any time and speak to the Host there.

Sounds great! So how can I register for the conference?

  • Registration is open until October 10 (and it's free). More info here.

Will I be able to get proof of presention for my poster or paper?

  • Yes, just like at a physical conference.
  • We will send this to your email address as a pdf file.

What about time zones? How will that work?

  • Our program is here.
  • The times given in the program times are UCT +2 (Norway). Check this time zone converter to find out what this means for you.
  • Our Monday events start at 14:45 and continue until 21:30 that evening.
    • These times will suit people located in Europe and in the direction of the Americas well (with some overlap that will work well for people in the direction of Asia).
  • Our Tuesday events start at 9:00 and continue until 16:30 in the afternoon.
    • These times will suit people located in Europe and in the direction of Asia (with some overlap that will work well for people in the direction of the Americas).
  • Out keynotes are both scheduled for a 'sweetspot': A bit early for people towards the Americas, as bit late for people towards Asia, just fine for people in Europe.
  • We have been careful to spread our networking/social event thoughout the confernce, so everyone will have to change to actively engage with other conference delegates.

Are there any advantages to participating in a virtual rather than a physical conference?

  • Definitely!
  • A virtual conference...
    • is better for the climate because we're not flying around the globe;
    • can have significantly lower conference fees;
    • may allow more people to attend: people who weren't able to set aside the time to travel to Norway, people who couldn't afford to, people who aren't able to travel to conferences unless they are presenting papers, etc.;
    • allows for a more diverse body of conference delegates - that is, people from countries that have not often been represented at RaAM conferences;
    • allows for more thorough feedback on your work: Very often, follow-up questions at physical conferences may remain unasked due to lack of time or not enough time to really think about the best questions. Having more ways of interacting online may actually improve the quality of the interaction;
    • doesn't give you jet lag;
    • and allows you to wear (or not to wear) whatever you want;
    • allows you to have your own privat/group chats;
    • allows you to ask questions when they arise (in chat);
    • allows to to choose your own snacks :-)
  • Not convinced?!? Then check out this blog post!

And just who are you?

  • Why, thank you for asking!
  • We belong to a research group called 'English Language in Use': look  here.
  • We work at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (a mouthful, sorry).
  • LCR is central to much of our research.
  • We have been huge fans of LCA since its start!