PhD party with 'Paddy's Underground Party People'

PhD party with 'Paddy's Underground Party People'

The RaAM traditional PhD party will take place on the evening of June 19th & feature a folk music concert with local Hamar band Paddy's Underground Party People!

Location: Festiviteten Bar and Scene in the heart of Hamar. The event is free for everyone.

The bar will belong to us alone at the start, so that PhD students can mingle each other & with 'senior' researchers :-)

Then the doors will swing open to let in the locals so that we can all enjoy the music of local Hamar band Paddy's Underground Party People!

Check out the band on Spotify, YouTube and Facebook.

All RaAM conference delegates are welcome (not just PhD students). Drinks for PhD students will be sponsored, whereas everyone else has to buy their own.

Thanks to our friends at  John Benjamins Publishing and at  RaAM for sponsoring this event and making this possible!

More detailed information will be given during the conference.


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