A method for language specific metaphorical conceptualization analysis

Metaphorical conceptualization analysis

Kristina Despot & Ana Ostroški Anić (Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics)

The workshop can be adjusted to any number of participants.

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Currently, one of the main issues in the field of metaphor research is the lack of a common standard for metaphorical conceptualization analysis.

In this workshop, we will present a method that might resolve this issue.

The participants will learn how to perform a language specific metaphorical conceptualization analysis using the MetaNet.HR method (Despot et al., 2019). This method is a bottom-up corpus based analysis that enables language-specific and English independent examination of metaphors in discourse and in conceptual systems. The method has been developed, tested and validated within the MetaNet.HR project, a project of building a repository of conceptual metaphors, semantic frames, image schemas, and cognitive primitives (Despot et al., 2019). The method involves the following steps: a) choosing metaphor families; b) creating a list of target words; c) linguistic metaphor identification; d) conceptual metaphor identification; e) conceptual metaphor analysis. The method makes use of the Sketch Engine tool (Kilgarriff et al., 2004).


The workshop format involves a brief introductory overview of the method and the theory behind it, interactive discussion, and the hands on session in which the participants will, step by step, analyse corpus data using this method.

Activities include:

1. determining the target concept;

2. the analysis of the concept in a web corpus using Sketch Engine

a) compiling a list of target words for which the corpus is queried using the relevant word sketches and the thesaurus option;

b) analysing a word sketch and a random concordance sample of at least 100 lines for each of the target words;

c) annotating the word sketches and the samples on the linguistic level using the MIPVU (Steen et al., 2010);

d) annotating the word sketches and the samples on the conceptual level, and measuring the IAA;

e) the analysis of conceptual metaphors (defining the metaphor family, source and target frames, metaphor type, metaphor level, possibly also mappings and metaphor relations) based on the MetaNet method (Dodge et al. 2015).

At the end of the workshop participants will have a better insight into theoretical, methodological, and practical issues involved in the corpus-based metaphorical conceptualization analysis.

Participants should bring their laptops for the hands on session. Acquaintance with Sketch Engine is a plus, but it is not necessary. Everything will be explained from scratch on site.

About the organizers

Kristina Despot is the Vice Director and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. She is the author of three books and more than forty academic papers. She has received several awards for her work. Currently, she is the PI of the project MetaNet.HR, focused on building a lexical-semantic and figurative language repository.

 Ana Ostroški Anić is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. She is the author of Metaphor in Terminology (in Croatian), and is the PI of the research project the Dynamicity of Specialized Knowledge Categories.



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