Co-creating ecological metaphors using toy bricks

Co-creating ecological metaphors

Linda Greve (The Science Museums, Aarhus University, Denmark)

From 8 to 60 participants

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The main objective in ecological cognition in relation to metaphor is that metaphor creation and negotiation is a product of affordances and constraints in the environment. In this workshop, this notion is investigated by the participants and put into perspective by research results on the matter.

However, if metaphors in spontaneous conversation is the result of the ecological environment, where does that leave metaphor research? How can it be investigated and what can researchers conclude from metaphor identification processes in such data?

The objective of this workshop is to explore metaphors in a staged ecological setting and discussing what happens in a metaphor co-creation process and how that informs the concept of metaphor.

Participants will take part in an experimental set-up with the purpose of experiencing if and how metaphors are co-created and negotiated in a group when presented with an abstract phenomenon and asked to build it in toy bricks. Following the hands on experiment, participants are given a theoretical framework and results from research performed by use of the same methodology. On that basis, the experiment is revisited and relevance and perspectives in investigating and researching ecological metaphors are discussed.

Activities thus include: a group building task in groups of 4-6, presentation of results re-visitation of the building task and discussion in groups and in plenary on the topic of hos to investigate spontaneous metaphors and how to make use of and take into account the affordances and constraints of the environment.

About the organizer

Dr. Greve has worked in the field of ecological cognition and metaphor for the past decade. She has done work into how groups co-create and negotiate metaphors by use of a common third, i.e. drawings, toy bricks etc.

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