Pre-conference workshops

We are pleased to be offering eight pre-conference workshops in two parallel sessions on the morning of June 18th, all hands-on and exciting! Register for our pre-conference workshops when you register for the conference; see here. The workshops are free of charge for registered conference delegates.

Scroll down to find descriptions of all eight workshops.

The schedule for the pre-conference workshops: 



Workshop 1

Crafting your career with MIPVU

Workshop 2

Identifying metaphorical elements in films with FILMIP: the Filmic metaphor identification procedure

Workshop 3

Towards a felicity scale of metaphor use in ELF/L2 English interaction: How can we measure communicative success?

Workshop 4

A method for language specific metaphorical conceptualization analysis


Workshop 5

Reading between the lines: Levels of figurative language in texts and their impact

Workshop 6

Analyzing the metaphorical components of sensory descriptors: Experimental approaches

Workshop 7

Co-creating ecological toy bricks

Workshop 8

Finally, a Tool! Introducing CATMA for metaphor identification and analysis with MIPVU