Tony Veale

Tony Veale

Tony Veale is an associate professor in the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. He has worked in AI research for 25 years, in academia and in industry, with a special emphasis on metaphor, humour and linguistic creativity more generally.

 He is the author of the 2012 monograph Exploding the Creativity Myth: The Computational Foundations of Linguistic Creativity (from Bloomsbury), co-author of the 2016 textbook Metaphor: A Computational Perspective (from Morgan Claypool), and co-author of 2018’s Twitterbots: Making Machines That Make Meaning (from MIT Press). He led the European Commission’s coordination action on Computational Creativity (named PROSECCO), and collaborated on international research projects with an emphasis on computational metaphor and imagination, such as the EC’s What-IF Machine (WHIM) project. He also runs a web-site dedicated to explaining AI with humorous metaphors at:

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