Instructions for all conference delegates

Important instructions for all conference delegates: 

Before the conference;

During the conference;

Zoom 'how-to' instructions

Also more specific instructions for:


Presenters of papers;

Presenter of  works-in-progress;

Presenters of  posters!

We will soon send out an email to all registered conference delegates with all the access links to our conference events and Help Center.


[last updated 28.05.2020]

Before the conference...

Follow these instructions prior to the conference!All registered delegates will be sent an email containing all the access links to...

Are you presenting a poster?

You will have to prepare your poster in advance, make a short video of yourself dicussing the poster (3 minutes maximum), and uploa...

Instructions for chairs

Log into your room  at least 10 minutes before your session starts. Your INN host will let you in the room and ‘promote’ you to co-...