RaAM2020 Poster Prize

RaAM2020 Poster Prize

The RaAM2020 Poster Prize will be awarded to the best (virtual) poster presented RaAM2020. This prize is sponsored by the Faculty of Education at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and will consist of 100 euros and a certificate.

Anyone presenting a poster at RaAM2020 is eligible for the prize. If you want to be considered for the prize, please notify us when you register and pay for the conference.

Selection of winner

Judges will be appointed by the Local Organizing Committee to evaluate the posters of candidates during the conference. The LOC will ensure that judges are not connected with the candidate’s research (e.g. as supervisor, co-supervisor or ex-supervisor).

Each judge will independently assess the candidate’s presentation on a scale of 1- 10, across two equally weighted factors: 1) The quality of the research reported; (2) The quality of the communication of this research in the light of the format in which it is presented.

The judges will confer before the end of the conference in order to decide on the prize winner. The award will be given to the candidate with the highest total score from the different judges. The winner of the RaAM2020 Poster Prize Conference prize will be announced during the conference.