Anders Lillebo

Anders Lillebo

Norwegian musician Anders Lillebo will perform live for RaAM 2020Virtual, directly from his studio located on his farm in Engerdal, Norway.


We want to give you all a taste of Norway even though RaAM 2020 had to go online! And what better way than with Anders?

His concert will be on Friday, 19 June 2020. Details with instructions about how to join us and the exact time will be included in the conference program.

In the meantime, check out Anders' website here.  The 'Video' section will give you a  great preview!

About Anders:

Anders Lillebo has created his own musical universe with impulses from Celtic and Nordic trad music, along with a healthy dose of jazz.


After several years of musical studies in his native Norway, Anders pictured himself chasing a career as a jazz pianist. A chance visit to a traditional music festival in Ireland, however, changed all that. During his visit, Anders fell completely in love with the island’s music, bought himself an accordion and started to explore this completely new musical path.


Anders decided to move to Ireland to learn as much as possible about his newfound passion. Spending two years among Galway’s vibrant trad scene, he got the chance to study under and play with several of the island’s top traditional musicians. 

 In 2017 he released his debut album, "Departure", recorded in Ireland in collaboration with acknowledged producer Jack Talty. It got favorable reviews from several respected folk music publications, e.g. The Irish Music Magazine, and The Living Tradition, and led to extensive touring in Norway and Sweden.

His second album "Homecoming" was released February 2019. This time, all the music was recorded back on the farm where he grew up on the Norwegian countryside, together with a group of musicians from Norway, England and Ireland.


Today, Anders is a mature, pioneering trad musician. Even though he has a solid footing in the Celtic trad music tradition, he doesn’t shy away from exploring the unbeaten path and letting his influences from Nordic Trad and jazz coulure the music.