Recording at RaAM 2020Virtual

Recording at RaAM 2020Virtual

All keynote addresses, plenary sessions and full papers will be recorded by the INN hosts so that they may be enjoyed all, regardless of time zone. 

Zoom notifies all participants when a session is being recorded. 

The pre-conference workshops, RaAM annual general meeting and social & networking events will not be recorded.

The recordings will be uploaded to a 'view-only' My Mediasite channel.

  • The website address of the channel will be shared with registered conference delegates via email (in the conference program with accessl links).
  • Delegates will be able to view the videos, but not edit them or download them.

Keynote addresses and plenary sessions will take place as Zoom webinars.

  • This means that only 'panelists' (the people with active roles) will be recorded.
  • 'Attendees (the audience) will not be recorded.

Full papers will take place as Zoom meetings.

  • Although the main focus will be on the presenter(s) and presentations, other participants may appear in the recording if their video was turned on.
  • Paper presenters may ask the host not to record their session. You are expected to log in to your session 10 minutes before it starts; you can tell the host at that point.
  • Paper presenters may ask us to remove their videos from the channel. To do so, please write us here.

Presenters of posters and Works in progress may email us their Wall videos, so that they may also be added to the conference video channel.

  • To do so, please write us  here.