Instructions for chairs

Instructions for chairs

Log into your room  at least 10 minutes before your session starts. 

Your INN host will let you in the room and ‘promote’ you to co-host.  

Remember that the INN host will be there the whole time & is prepared to help!

All paper presenters in the session are instructed to also log in 10 minutes early to check the audio/video/screen sharing.

At the beginning of the session (but not at the beginning of each paper):

  • Make the following announcement to the audience:

Thank you for coming to this session on X.  We encourage everyone to have their video on (if possible), but please mute your audio. If you have a question after a paper, please use the ‘Raise hands’ function that you will find under ‘Participants’ (look for it now), and I will call on you. You may use the Chat window for discussion. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may want to first turn your video off. If you still have problems, log off and rejoin us, using the same link. You may also write in Chat and our Host will respond.

Five minutes before the paper start:

  • Identify the presenter (listed in the program). Ask them to unmute and start their video (if not already on).
  • Make sure the presenter has the Powerpoint presentation already open on their screen & then ask them to share their screen.

During the presentation (20 minutes):

  • At the appointed time, introduce the name of the speaker and title of the talk & ask the speaker to begin.
  • After 15 minutes, interrupt the speaker to say that they have 5 minutes left.
  • After 3 more minutes, interrupt the speaker to say that they have 2 minutes left.
  • After two more minutes, tell them that they must stop (or lose question time).

Question time (5 minutes):

  • Ask anyone who has a question to use the ‘Raised hands’ function in 'Participants' (from the bottom bar). As co-host, you may lower their hands if the questioner forgets to do so.
  • Choose a questioner & ask them to pose their question (they must unmute themselves; as co-host, you may also unmute them.)
  • Continue for 5 minutes. (The final paper in your session may have 10 minutes of questions.)

After 5 minutes of questions:

  • Thank the presenter & ask the viewers to applause.
  • If the Powerpoint is still being shared, click on ‘Stop Share’. 
  • Ask the next presenter to set up.